BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym Review

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The BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym provides you with the ultimate exercising machine that allows you to give your body a full workout. With this single machine you can work your chest, your arms, your legs and other muscles. The features present in this exercising machine provide you with all of the tools required for a productive workout for giving your body the shape you desire.

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BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym Features

The BodyCraft Pro Home Gym has patented Dual-function Pec Deck. This feature allows you to perform traditional flys by pressing your elbows against the pads and the dumbbell style flys can be performed by grabbing the handles and then swinging outwards to chest height and then pressing forward and together. The range-of-motion feature present in this device allows you to adjust this product for different sized users and also provide the opportunity for rear deltoid flys. The unique design present in this product allows for overall leg development. It also provides you with comfort and provides up to 300 pounds of resistance. The foot plate can be adjusted for any user depending on their convenience.

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As mentioned above, the BodyCraft home gym provides you with the comfort you require as the seat and the seat back are fully adjustable. The high density foam present in this product is constructed in such a way that it provides spine support and it’s covered by a heavy-gauge vinyl.

The low pulley system in this product provides you easy access to it and ample room to perform various exercises, which include arm curls, leg kicks, low rows, deltoid raises etc. This product also comes with an optional weight stack rack. The steel shrouds used in the BodyCraft Pro home gym dampen the noise. You can also do bench presses, shoulder presses etc by making the proper adjustments to this machine. The Pro Home Gym comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The materials used in the making of the different parts of this product, make this exercising machine durable and break resistant. Thus, with this product you have yourself a machine that will pass the test of time.

BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym Review

During my research regarding the BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym, I came across a lot of customer reviews. The reviewers have praised the durable nature of this product. They also like the versatility this product provides its users. The resistance provided by this machine has also been praised by the reviewers. The instruction manual that comes with this product has also been liked by the reviewers and it has all of the instructions for using this machine for different exercises. The average rating of this product on is five stars. Click here to read more reviews.

I couldn’t find any negative reviews regarding the Galena home gym. All of the positive customer reviews that I could find on the internet indicate that this product has provided its users with the satisfaction they desired.

In conclusion, after all of my research I would like to recommend the BodyCraft Galena Pro home gym for every exercise lover who wants to give their body the workout it deserves.  Click here to save $261 for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Rico July 23rd, 2012 (#)

The gym is very stabile and sturdy. The assembly was easy and quite fun to do. I did it allone in just one day. You don’t need a second person if you take your time. Installing the cables need a little work with te brains. The manual for assembly is at some points not very clear. The gym itself looks great and the paintjob is very good. The materials feel very solid.
There are a lot of exercises you can do on this gym and it feels comfortable.
I bought te gym with the optional legpres for 1600 dollars. Its a lot of value for money. Some say the gym dont require a lot of space, but i found it a large gym and the room where it is at is now filled with the gym. If you have problems with assembly you can email me on [email protected]

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